2014 Training Program

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The Killer Tri Triathlon Training Program Includes

  • Weekly Coached Cycling Workouts (Mondays, 6:00AM or 6:00PM at Killer Tri)
  • Weekly Coached Running Workout (Thursdays, 6:00AM or 6:00pm San Marcos High Shcool)
  • Weekly Coached Strength Training Session at Killer B Fitness 
    (attend any BootCamp class, Tuesday 6pm will be triathlon specific)
  • Weekly Aerobic Fun Runs
  • Weekly Training Schedule (sample schedule)
  • Monthly Seminars, Clinics and Workshops

Our Goal

 The goal of Killer Tri is to help athletes of all abilities achieve their true potential in the sport.

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Our Athletes

We coach athletes of all abilities from elite age groupers to people who have yet to complete their first triathlon. With our innovative training program we set Training Zones for each individual (Sample Athlete Training Zones). This allows us to coach each athlete at their current fitness and skill level. Most athletes choose to participate in local races, however we help athletes prepare for any race in which they plan to compete. 


The Focus

The program will consist of 4 phases that progress through the season. The longer an athlete participates in the program the more prepared he or she will be, however we accept new athletes at any point during the season. 

Phase 1: (January-March)

  • Early Season Base Training
  • Technique and Strength Focus
  • UCSB Sprint Triathlon (March 29th)

Phase 2: (April-June) 

  • Wildflower Triathlons (May 3rd-4th)
  • Ventura Triathlon (June 22nd)  
  • Santa Barbara/Goleta Beach Prep

Phase 3: (July-Sept)

  • Goleta Beach Triathlons (July 27th)
  • Santa Barbara Triathlons (August 23rd-24th)
  • Carpinteria Triathlons (Sept 28th)


Coached Workouts Click Image for More InfoClick Image for more Info

Included in the training program are three weekly coached workouts. Our cycling workouts utilize our state of the art Cyclops Power Based Indoor Cycles as well as the Polar Cardio GX HR monitoring System. Coached running workouts are typically done at the track and strength training workous are done in conjunction with Killer B Fitness

Times and Locations Of Killer Tri Coached Workouts


Weekly Training Schedule

 A complete training schedule will be handed out weekly. This schedule will give a detailed description of 4 - 7 additional workouts for the athlete to complete each week. The intensity and duration of the assigned workouts will be based on fitness testing so that it caters to each individual athlete's ability.

Click Here to See a Sample Weekly Schedule


Testing and AnalysisClick On Graph to Learn More About Testing And Analysis

Killer Tri will focus on measurable results. In depth testing every 4 weeks will gauge fitness level and measure progression. We will track your progress to help show your improvement as you develop through the training program.



Triathlon Development Program Pricing