2014 Triathlon Training Program

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Killer Tri Winter Training Program

Starts Oct. 1st - Register Here Or In Studio

Stay Fit for the Months of October, November and December

The fall and winter are the best times of year to change up your training by doing something different and fun. Incorporating functional strength, power and short intense intervals will keep you fit, increase your muscular strength and make you more efficient for the 2014 season!

The 2013 Winter Training Program Includes the Following Every Week: 

  • Power Cycling Workout (Fri 6am at Killer Tri)
    Focusing on high intensity intervals to increase strength and power
  • Outdoor Boot Camp (Thurs 6am Shoreline Park)
    Focusing on strength, stadiums, Core, and running technique
  • One Killer B Fitness Power Cycling Class (Mon 7am, Tue 9am/6pm, Thrus 9am/4pm, Sun 9am, Wed 6am NOT AVAILABLE)
    Focusing on muscular endurance and overall cycling fitness
  • One Killer B Fitness Boot Camp Class (Mon 9am/6pm, Tue 6am/7am/10am/4pm, Thrus 8am/5pm, sat 10am)
    Focusing on short cardio and functional strength circuits utilizing the TRX, plyo boxes, ab dollys, weights, balls and more

Pricing Options:

  • First Class Always Free For New Clients
  • $99/Month With 3 Month Comitment (Oct,Nov,Dec)
    Contract Required - first and last months dues will be charged on first installment
  • $129/Month-to-Month
    No contract - 30 day cancellation notice required
  • $99/6 Class Punch Card
    Expires at the end of the 2013 season
  • $25/Class Drop In Rate